A quick internet search for pork loin recipes shows a lot of the same.

  • Roasted pork tenderloin
  • Pork loin roast
  • Baked pork loin

Could there be more variety?

NPB’s market growth team researched cutout values for pork sub-primals and analyzed the value of the loin versus the belly, spare ribs, and ham. The team identified an opportunity to bring more value to the loin to make it more competitive with other pork cuts and other proteins.

What is the Pork Loin Complex Task Force?

Recognizing the importance of the loin complex, NPB has activated a dedicated task force to explore various aspects related to the role of pork in the market, consumer preferences, labeling and cooking methods.

Gene Noem, NPB past president and working group member of the Pork Loin Complex Task Force discusses the importance of the task force. By taking a deep dive into the loin complex, this task force will work to create a comprehensive strategy to increase both volume and value to the loin. 

Gene Noem, NPB past president

Making a Commitment to the Industry

The producer-led Pork Loin Complex Task Force represents a commitment to the long-term growth of the pork industry while addressing challenges and leveraging opportunities. A working group has been assembled that encompasses a diverse range of subject matter expertise. The initiative requires collaboration across the industry from food service and retail to the producer while keeping the consumer needs top of mind.

Gene Noem, NPB past president

Focusing on the Loin and Capitalizing on Quality

Annually the Pork Checkoff conducts the Retail Benchmarking Study. This study presents a path to add value and elevate the loin in the marketplace. In 2022, the study showed a notable increase in the quality of the loin. This opened the door for the task force to capitalize on the great work producers are doing on the farm to increase the quality of their products.

Gene Noem, NPB past president

Next Steps for the Pork Loin Complex Task Force

The objective of the task force is to increase and capture value and volume on the loin complex for the entire pork industry utilizing data and insights.

Gene Noem, NPB past president