TQA - Pork Checkoff

TQA Certification

Transport Quality Assurance (TQA) is a certification program that trains pig transporters, producers and handlers how to handle, move and transport pigs. It includes training on the potential impacts transporting can have on pig well-being and pork quality.

Research has shown that using good animal handling practices benefits the pig, the handler and the industry. TQA certification demonstrates that a handler is committed to promoting and protecting pig well-being. Incidents of poor animal handling or abuse are considered to be ethically wrong and unacceptable.

Get Certified

There are two types of certifications available through the TQA program. Get started by contacting a certified advisor for online or in-person training.

  • TQA Handler certification: authorizes individuals to move, handle and transport pigs.
  • TQA Advisor certification: allows individuals who have been trained by the Pork Checkoff to offer TQA certification training and administer exams to handlers.