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Reaching the Consumer: New Research Helps Identify the Future Pork Consumer

Learn how NPB is building a bigger appetite for pork by using research to target the future consumer and focus on building trust, adding value and generating long-term demand.

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2024 Trade Mission to South Korea Adds Value and Drives Opportunity

The value of U.S. pork exports is of critical importance to the pork industry demand strategy. The 2024 South Korea trade mission builds confidence in U.S. pork while fostering collaboration and partnership.

Market Growth
Consumer Influencers Help Build a Bigger Appetite for Pork

NPB partners with content creators to demonstrate how consumer insights are applied to make pork more relevant to the target audiences.

Market Growth
Exploring Consumer Preferences for Pork

 Illinois pork producers tour four different retail stores in Chicago and discover the differences in how pork is uniquely merchandised in each store to meet the needs of different consumers.

Market Growth
Enhancing Pork Consumption Through Strategic Investment

Looking ahead, NPB remains dedicated to growing strong relationships within the foodservice industry. NPB is actively engaged in efforts to build trust and add substantial value to foodservice distributors.

Market Growth
Paving the Way for Pork at Convenience Stores

Across the U.S., numerous pork products are being showcased in convenience stores, driving demand for high-quality pork and encouraging consumers to purchase pork more frequently.

Market Growth
Multicultural Consumers: Growing Future Pork Consumption

Growing pork demand and targeting the Hispanic and African American consumers with two initiatives, Ponle Pork and Don't Miss the Flavor, aiming to boost pork volume and value in high-consumption multicultural markets.

Pork Checkoff News
One Health: Supporting Market Demand for Pork

The interconnectedness of human, animal and environmental health is crucial to supporting demand for pork and ensuring a safe, high-quality pork supply.

Market Growth
Elevating U.S. Pork in Japan: Strategic Partnerships and Key Market Expansion

U.S. pork takes center stage in Japan's culinary scene as a major retail chain shifts to 100% U.S. product, showcasing significant progress in expanding global demand.

Pork Checkoff News
Impactful (and Surprising) Growth Initiatives in the Pork Industry

National Pork Board is working for you. Your Pork Checkoff dollars supports ongoing market growth initiatives to create long-term domestic and international demand.

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