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Safe Pig Care & Handling Resources

Today’s pig farms combine the best traditional farming practices with the benefits of modern technology and sustainability practices. Safe food begins with healthy, safe animals and the best possible care.

These training resources for producers and their employees, developed in line with the We Care Ethical Principles, focus on how pigs perceive and react to the world and how to become a more effective handler.

Swine Care Handbook

This guide to swine care reflects the latest research about animal husbandry, and it represents a commitment to continuous improvement in animal ethics. It covers a variety of factors that affect animal well-being such as:

  • Animal Observation and Care
  • Production Practices and Animal Husbandry
  • Feeding and Water Practices
  • Environmental Management
  • Euthanasia Methods
  • Transportation

Following this guide will enable caretakers to provide humane care to their pigs in line with the We Care Ethical Principles for every type of production system.