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U.S. Pork Market Development

The Pork Checkoff has developed an international market development strategy to build confidence in U.S. pork in a diverse global protein market.

We look for areas to differentiate U.S. pork from competitors and add value and opportunity into other markets.

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On-Target Pork Export Growth Strategy

Our work is focused on continuing the success of pork exports. The approach we take is to diversify and balance pork exports to build value and minimize risk.

We’re doing that in three ways to grow a diverse set of markets and capitalize on growth across the globe.

1. Diversify Market Cuts

We educate customers, retailers and distributors in existing markets about different opportunities for cuts they don’t normally work with.

2. Develop Emerging Markets

We conduct emerging market assessments that have been key in delivering insights for the industry.

3. Differentiate from Competitors

The U.S. pork industry has a great story to share. The Pork Checkoff shares that story to build confidence and differentiate U.S. pork from competitors.

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Positioning U.S. Pork in the Global Market

Diversifying and differentiating U.S. pork in international markets is a key priority for pork producers.

Pork Checkoff-funded studies explore how the U.S. can differentiate itself in key markets.

  • Costa Rica (NEW)
  • Dominican Republic (NEW)
  • El Salvador (NEW)
  • Guatemala (NEW)
  • Honduras (NEW)
  • Nicaragua (NEW)
  • Panama (NEW)
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • South Korea

These reports look at three crucial areas where U.S. pork can stand out among its competitors, including:

  • Sustainability
  • Quality, Consistency and Service
  • Communication

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USMEF Partnership

The Checkoff partners with the U.S. Meat Export Federation to maximize pork marketing efforts abroad through cross-industry collaboration.

USMEF executes marketing programs on behalf of the Pork Checkoff and positions U.S. pork as a safe, high-quality and consistent product. They are able to further leverage Checkoff dollars with contributions from the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service and other funding opportunities including state associations and other allied industries.

USAEDC Membership

The National Pork Board is a supporting member of the U.S. Agriculture Export Development Council, a non-profit private-sector trade association which serves to assemble members on issues relating to international trade and matters of export development.

Membership with the USAEDC will give NPB information that could impact means to export products. The USAEDC also serves as a platform for a positive media voice for export development programs and provides a platform for NBP to review the operation and implementation of these export program overseas.

In-Depth Market Assessments

The Pork Checkoff closely monitors changes in the international market to understand meal and dining trends, as well as opportunities for packers and producers who may export to other countries.

Increasingly, producers have told us they want to diversify exports, and we are supporting these efforts through global research.

Our latest research shows opportunities for U.S. pork in these markets:

  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • China

2022 Pork Export Data

In 2022, the value of U.S. pork exports surpassed $7.7 billion. In total, more than 2.5 million metric tons of pork was exported to other markets.