Swine Nutrition - Pork Checkoff

Swine Nutrition

Balanced nutrition for pigs at each stage of growth and production is important to raising healthy pigs that produce pork efficiently.

Sound feeding practices providing adequate nutrient needs are integral to the health and wellbeing of pigs in all stages of production. It is important that pigs are fed a nutritionally balanced diet that is age-appropriate.

Pigs require a more concentrated diet and should be fed a less-fibrous feed than cattle, sheep, or horses. As they grow, their nutritional requirements change and the diet should meet their needs in various phases of growth and stages of production. To provide a complete diet, the following nutrients and nutrient groups must be included:

  • Energy
  • Protein and amino acids
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Water

Managing Nutrition to Help Sick Pigs

Nutrition of Health-Challenged Pigs

Runtime – 1 hour 4 min

Dr. Nick Gabler, Iowa State University, discusses nutritional approaches to help sick pigs through health challenges and how that can translate into reduced pig mortality.