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The Profit Maximizer is a biweekly report that provides insights and analysis on current pork markets.

Steiner and Company produces the National Pork Board newsletter based on information we believe is accurate and reliable. However neither NPB nor Steiner and Company warrants or guarantees the accuracy of or accepts any liability for the data, opinions or recommendations expressed.

Latest Report

COVID Wave Drives Market Volatility

January 17, 2022
  • Hog slaughter last week was about 100k head less than what we expected and 9% lower than the previous year. Packers continue to struggle with higher rates of absenteeism among workers and inspectors, limiting the amount of pork coming to market.
  • Pork prices remain extremely volatile, with spot supply varying greatly depending on how much product packers are able to bone/trim in a given day. Ham primal value is a great example, with the value on Thursday jumping 50% from the previous day but then down 22% on Friday.
  • Pork belly prices have improved in the last two weeks due to tighter supply and the need to start building inventories for the spring.
  • The decline in slaughter and lack of boning/trimming has caused pork trim prices to jump sharply higher. We expect trim prices to ease a bit but higher prices likely in the spring.


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