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What is Sustainability?

Sustainability for America’s pork producers is about doing what’s right for people, pigs and the planet by following the industry’s We Care® Ethical Principles.

We Care gives the pork industry a solid foundation to build upon. The next step is to measure efforts in each of the ethical principles.

Pork producers are encouraged to request a customized On-Farm Sustainability Report to help measure and document continuous improvement efforts for the pork industry.


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Building Public Trust to Protect Freedom to Operate

Today’s savvy customers and consumers want to know more.

The people who buy, sell, and eat pork want to know that pig farmers share their values and are committed to sustainability. They also want to know more about modern pig farming practices.

Building trust will help protect pig farmers’ freedom to operate and contribute to the long-term economic viability of the pork industry.

Request On-Farm Sustainability Report

On-Farm Sustainability Reports will help producers recognize key sustainability metrics on their farms. It will help track, measure, monitor and report the sustainability story of each operation and the U.S. pork industry as a whole.

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On-Farm Sustainability Report FAQs

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What is included on the report?

The reports include a Sustainable Continuous Improvement Plan – offering recommendations for producers to improve sustainability on their operations, such as:

  • Manure data with application and agronomic rates
  • Water data on both quality and amount used
  • Community outreach including donations and service hours

View a Sample Farm Sustainability Report

How are producers using the reports?

These on-farm reports offer immediate value to pig farmers. Previous participants shared their reports with financial institutions, suppliers and community members. They have also used the reports to make on-farm improvements and improve their bottom line.

What’s the time commitment to participate?

On average, total participation takes 2-4 hours. Participants will have an initial interview and provide data from the previous growing seasons (depending on farm size, each of these steps lasts about an hour).

What type of format do my data records need to be in?

Any type of record-keeping system—regardless of whether it is digital or on-paper.

Who is my data shared with?

Your data is yours and will be kept confidential. The name of your operation and your data will not be shared.

The results of all on-farm reports will be made anonymous and pulled into an aggregate of state and national reports to help the pork industry learn and share the industry’s sustainability story.

Are there any limitations to the type, style and size of operation?

No, the on-farm reports cover a variety of farm types, sizes, and styles of operations and are free for Pork Checkoff-paying producers.

Who is involved in creating the reports?

NPB is partnering with a third-party expert, Sustainable Environmental Consultants, to make data collection and aggregation quick and efficient.

Who is paying for this project?

The Pork Checkoff is paying for this project.

Strong Progress for Pork Producers

Pork producers have made significant improvement when it comes to sustainability. In the past six decades, pork producers have reduced the pork industry’s environmental footprint by using less.

↓ 75.9% less land

↓ 25.1 % less water

↓ 7% less energy

↓ 7.7% fewer carbon emissions