At 23-years-old, Anne Miller did not expect to be named one of the youngest state pork association executives, especially without experience in the industry nor with pigs. Tucked in her own slice of heaven, her loyalty to Montana agriculture led her down an extraordinary path as the Montana Pork Association executive director from 2004-2022. In 2024, the pork industry proudly recognizes her as the Paulson-Whitmore Award winner.  

Creating Big Opportunities in a Small State 

While many U.S. pig farmers live in towns without a stoplight, Miller’s home of Jordan, Montana, defines the word “remote,” but in a good way. In 2009, she also began supporting Wyoming Pork Producers Council, too, when she was asked to become a dual-state executive.  

Her notable accomplishments assisting members of the Hutterite colony – who needed a cultural exception – to Washington, to talk to legislators; contributing to the We Care® Ethical Principles development; serving on the committee to hire two National Pork Board CEOs; and talking about pork quality with meat processors in the state.  

No matter the opportunity, Miller established a legacy of proving small states can do big things. Montana’s growth and involvement during her tenure demonstrate the impact of leadership and encouragement to those who need a dose of confidence.  

Providing Leadership During Challenging Times 

The difficult and defining year of 2020 brought new challenges to Montana, as farmers in the state and nationwide navigated plant shutdowns causing a supply chain break. At this time, Miller’s work in disaster relief and emergency services merged with her state executive role as she developed biosecurity improvements to a remote health facility and used concepts of the Secure Pork Supply Plan programming to explain and evaluate facility maps in health and human services buildings.  

Family, Community and Commitment 

Every part of Miller’s story, and that of her husband and two daughters, intertwines with the rural Montana community they zealously serve. They keep busy with 4-H, outdoor sports, athletics and their herd of crossbred sheep. 

Honoring a Remarkable Journey 

Her journey from being a pork industry newcomer to now receiving the respectable Paulson-Whitmore Award, honoring excellence by state executives, is remarkable. Her unexpected path, driven by a deep commitment to Montana agriculture, not only defied expectations but also set a powerful example for the potential of individuals from various backgrounds and experiences to lead the industry and achieve significant milestones.