Dr. Paul Sundberg’s career illustrates his unwavering dedication to animal health and industry innovation.  

Leadership in Animal Health 

Most recently, Dr. Sundberg led the industry as the first executive director of the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) when it was developed with Pork Checkoff funds in 2015. He coordinated collaborative research with U.S. and foreign researchers at multiple universities and private companies, ensuring SHIC was aligned with industry associations and state and federal agencies. These efforts seamlessly helped producers and the industry prevent, prepare for and respond to emerging domestic and foreign animal diseases. 

Championing the Industry’s Positive Reputation Standard 

A notable achievement was helping adopt the 145°F cooking temperature for pork, marking a significant shift in food safety and eating experience. This milestone, alongside his contributions to integrating animal welfare into industry practices, underscores his commitment to enhancing the industry’s reputation and operational standards. His collaborative role in evolving the Pork Quality Assurance® program and consolidating its components into a unified standard showcases his vision for a more sustainable and ethical approach to pork production. 

A Foundation of Family and Community 

The support and involvement of Dr. Sundberg’s wife, Deb, and their daughters, along with their deep-rooted connection to the community, highlight the personal dedication behind his professional achievements. This familial foundation underpins Dr. Sundberg’s holistic approach to leadership, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and the role of education in fostering the next generation of industry leaders. 

Recognizing a Legacy of Dedication and Impact 

The Distinguished Service Award, presented annually by the Pork Checkoff, is a fitting tribute to Dr. Sundberg’s extensive career and contributions to the betterment of the U.S. pork industry. His forward-thinking initiatives have set new standards for excellence and integrity within the industry with support from pig farmers, veterinarians, academics, state and federal animal health officials and allied industry. 

Awarding the 2024 Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Sundberg not only honors his significant past contributions but also highlights his enduring role as both a guiding mentor and steadfast supporter, continually shaping the pork industry’s future.