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Pork Academy
Porkonomics: An Economic Outlook for the Pork Industry

Dr. Steve Meyer, Lead Economist, Partners for Production Agriculture and Dr. Lee Schulz, Associate Professor, Iowa State University provided an economic outlook for the pork industry during the Pork Academy Sessions at the World Pork Expo.

Pork Academy
2023 Pork Academy Sessions

Pork Academy is a series of in-depth seminars that will be offered at World Pork Expo this June. The sessions are designed to meet the need for pork producers to remain competitive in today's rapidly changing environment.

Pork Academy
Crop Markets, Pork Export Markets, Economic Outlook

Dr. Dermot Hayes and Steve Elmore discuss the pork industry's economic outlook at World Pork Expo.

Pork Academy
Coffee Talk: Hot Topics in the Pork Industry

A leading panel of pork industry experts discussed sustainability, FAD, labor and trade at World Pork Expo.

Pork Academy
2022 Pork Academy Seminars

Pork Academy is a series of in-depth seminars hosted by the National Pork Board at World Pork Expo. Learn from top industry experts about the latest in the pork industry.

Pork Academy
Balancing an Unstable Hog Market

Bull markets, bear markets, strong demand, and supply chain disruptions – the last 18 months have been a market roller coaster.

Pork Academy
Visa Programs Available for Agriculture Labor Challenges

Labor is an issue for the pork industry with no easy solution in sight. Farms of all sizes are increasingly looking at foreign labor to help on their operations.

Pork Academy
Avoid These 10 Mistakes with Farm Transition Planning

Building a legacy business for future generations takes planning and preparation no matter the operation’s size or structure. It is also important to plan for life’s uncertain and unannounced moments.

Pork Academy
Impact of China on Global Pork Demand

African swine fever in China has had a massive impact on global pork demand, and recovery means U.S. pork producers need to look into market diversification.

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