While pork dominates breakfast offerings in convenience stores (c-stores), how do we get more pork purchased throughout the day? Collaborating closely with c-store partners, NPB is committed to developing new products, overcoming barriers, coordinating potential sales opportunities and moving more product in convenience stores.

Why Convenience Stores?

In a fast-paced world, consumers often opt for on-the-go meals. Creating innovative products specifically for c-stores provides consumers with fresh opportunities to explore pork. Across the U.S., numerous pork products are being showcased in stores, driving demand for high-quality pork and encouraging consumers to purchase pork more frequently.

Recent Highlights:

  • Kwik Trip | Kwik Star: A limited-time pork fritter sandwich at 162 locations in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. While you are there check out the single boneless pork chop.
  • Dash In: Gourmet specialty sausage and bacon breakfast sandwiches and a new Italian sausage and peppers item across 65 locations in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.
  • Spinx: 5 oz bone-in marinated and breaded pork chops at 84 store locations in South Carolina and North Carolina.
  • EG America: Smoked sausage breakfast sandwich across 1,681 stores nationwide.
  • Core-Mark: Cuban sandwich with sliced ham and hot capicola, as well as pulled pork sandwiches. Core-Mark is one of the largest distributors and has locations in all 50 states.

Building Partnerships on Trust and Innovation

Convenience stores are looking for ways to retain and grow their customer traffic, relying on the innovative suggestions brought forth by NPB. These partnerships are crucial for both store ownership and the Pork Checkoff on behalf of producers, all aiming to boost consumer pork purchases.

Supporting Pig Farmers

Many convenience stores appreciate the quality of products sourced from U.S. pig farmers and want their customers to know. That’s why you can find the blue pork logo proudly displayed at many c-store locations, advertising the tasty, quality product available inside.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Anticipate more collaborations with convenience stores throughout 2024, promising a broader array of pork offerings beyond breakfast. Innovation will continue to expand lunch, dinner and anytime offerings, ensuring a pork-centric menu throughout the day.