Unveiling the Potential of Pork

In the world of food culture, pork has long been a staple, yet its versatility and deliciousness often remain underrated. With the rise of consumer influencers like Eddie Zamora and Ashley Sampson, the narrative around pork is rapidly changing. At the recent National Pork Industry Forum, Dr. David Newman led a discussion showcasing how NPB’s consumer insights are being leveraged to make pork more appealing to millennial, Gen Z, and multicultural audiences.

Meet the Influencers

Eddie Zamora, also known as @theyumyumfoodie on social media, is a TV host, chef and host of a top 30 podcast. Zamora has a following of 174,000 on Instagram. He is passionate about demystifying pork, making it approachable for all consumers. He believes that pork can be intimidating to some, and his mission is to change that perception. Through his content creation partnership with NPB, Zamora authentically features pork in his culinary adventures, showcasing just how easy and delicious it can be to incorporate pork into everyday cooking.

Ashley Sampson, known as @lifewithashleyann, represents the millennial mom demographic. Sampson boasts an impressive 5 million likes on TikTok. She understands firsthand the concern many from her generation feel towards cooking pork. In her view, the key lies in creating content that instills confidence that people can successfully prepare pork dishes at home. By collaborating with NPB, Sampson aims to break down barriers and empower her audience to embrace pork as a tasty and accessible protein option for their families.

The Impact of Consumer Influencers: Inspiring Confidence

Zamora and Sampson show the power of consumer influencers in reshaping perceptions and behaviors towards food. By sharing their passion and expertise through various social media platforms, they are not only promoting pork but also inspiring a new generation of home cooks.

The Future of Pork and Influencers

The efforts of consumer influencers like Zamora and Sampson are instrumental in building a bigger appetite for pork among diverse audiences. Through their authentic content creation and advocacy, they are demystifying pork and making it more approachable for all.