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Pork Academy
Impact of China on Global Pork Demand

African swine fever in China has had a massive impact on global pork demand, and recovery means U.S. pork producers need to look into market diversification.

MetaFarms Launches AgView Integration

In close collaboration with the National Pork Board, MetaFarms, an agriculture information platform, has developed an integration that allows its users the option to auto-send pig movement data to AgView.

Maximize Returns
5 Key Areas to Tackle High Swine Feed Costs

Focus on maximizing margins with increasing feed prices using these five areas that may involve feed savings.

Maximize Returns
Weekly Hog Facility Maintenance

Read our list of practical steps to add to your weekly checklist to prevent longer term repairs and make overall maintenance easier.

Pork Checkoff News
National Pork Board Names 2021-2022 Officers

The executive officer team will lead the National Pork Board's 15 producer directors, who represent America’s 60,000 pig farmers.

Real Pork
NPB brings celebrity to conversation about Real Pork

National Pork Board (NPB) is partnering with award-winning actor Eric Stonestreet to dispel common misconceptions about pork production through a series of social media videos.

Meat Us at the Pork Checkoff Tent at World Pork Expo

All pork producers are invited to the Pork Checkoff Hospitality tent at World Pork Expo, June 9-11, 2021, in Des Moines, Iowa.

Top Pork Supply Chain Disrupters in a Post-COVID World

Dr. Jayson Lusk, Purdue University, outlined the top supply chain disruptions for the pork industry in a post-COVID-19 world during May's pork producer webinar.

Farmers Deserve a Seat at the Table

U.S. pig farmers have significantly reduced our environmental impact and continue to work toward further improvements. We also ask for a seat at the table and a fair shake.

Start Your AgView Path to Protection at World Pork Expo

AgView, a free, opt-in technology solution, is the feature attraction at the National Pork Board’s booth at World Pork Expo this year.

Real Pork
New Premium Pork Line Available at Target

Tyson’s Chairman’s Reserve premium pork product line can now be found in 49 Super Target locations in seven states.

2021 Pork Academy Seminars

Pork Academy is a series of in-depth seminars that will be offered at World Pork Expo this June. The sessions are designed to meet the need for pork producers to remain competitive in today's rapidly changing environment.

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