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Human Nutrition
Effects of Dietary Protein Source and Quantity during Weight Loss on Appetite, Energy Expenditure, and Cardio-Metabolic Responses
Abstract Higher protein meals increase satiety and the thermic effect of feeding (TEF) in acute settings, but it is unclear whether these effects remain after a person becomes acclimated to energy...
Human Nutrition
Systematic review of red and processed meat consumption and cancer
1. Objectives: National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and National Pork Board jointly funded a project for Dr. Dominik Alexander, PhD, MSPH (Principal Epidemiologist, EpidStat Institute) to...
Human Nutrition
Menaquinone content of pork
1. Objectives:a. Measure the amounts of vitamin K2 (also known as menaquinones) in representative samples of fresh pork and processed pork products commonly consumed in the U.S. diet.
Human Nutrition
Comparison of red meat versus high carbohydrate diet as a means of preventing tissue-specific down-regulation of insulin receptors
The effect of diet on physiological and chemical balance was assessed when mature, obese gilts were fed either a high fat ground beef (GB) or a high carbohydrate corn/soybean diet (CON). A pool of 21...
Human Nutrition
Effects of pork vs. chicken/fish in a DASH diet on blood pressure regulation in older adults with hypertension
Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is the most commonly treated condition in primary care settings and is a major and modifiable risk factor of cardiovascular and kidney diseases [1]. The most...
Human Nutrition
The effect of increasing the protein content of breakfasts on satiety and cognitive function in undergraduate students
This study investigated the effect of protein consumption at breakfast on appetite and cognitive performance. Participants were provided with one of four breakfast treatments: no breakfast, No-pork,...
Human Nutrition
Systematic Reviews of Observational and Experimental Human Studies Related to Pork Intake and Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin-Resistance Syndrome or Its Components
The objective of this research was to perform a systematic review of the scientific literature related to pork intake and type 2 diabetes, insulin-resistance syndrome (metabolic syndrome) or its...
Human Nutrition
Daily Addition of a Protein-rich Breakfast for Long-term Improvements In Energy Intake Regulation and Body Weight Management in Overweight & Obese ‘Breakfast Skipping’ Young People
Objective To identify whether the daily addition of a Normal- Protein (NP) vs. High-Protein (HP) breakfast leads to long-term improvements in energy intake regulation and body weight management in...
Human Nutrition
Increased protein intakes from predominantly meat- versus soy protein/pulses-based foods: Effects on daily and postprandial appetite during energy restriction-induced weight loss
The objective of this study was to assess if the amount of protein an overweight or moderately obese adult consumes while reducing their...
Human Nutrition
The effects of protein quantity and source on postprandial satiety and plasma amino acid concentrations
The objective of this study was to assess if the amount of protein an overweight or moderately obese adult consumes while reducing their...
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