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Environment - Air
Determining PM and Odor Emission Reductions of a Geothermal Heating/Cooling System in a Grow-Finish Building
Throughout the U.S. there is a regulatory push to lower emissions of varies air pollutants from swine production facilities. The primary objective of this project was to determine if reductions in...
Environment - Air
Mitigation of Air Emissions from Swine Buildings through the Photocatalytic Technology Using UV/TiO2
A honeycomb photocatalytic reactor was developed for treating air emissions from swine houses. The reactor was tested in lab and in the field. When residence time was long (8 to 16 seconds), the...
Environment - Air
Air Management Practices Assessment Tool – A Producer Guide to Comparing Mitigation Strategies
Swine producers strive to be good stewards of natural resources with or without regulations and air mitigation technologies may help to achieve that goal. Environmental and legal pressures may...
Environment - Air
Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds from Swine Facilities via Adsorption: Technical and Economic Evaluation
There is a significant interest in mitigating odors from swine operations. Considering the layout of a typical swine barn, a simple, inexpensive, and effective technology is needed. Biochar is one...
Environment - Air
Testing the effectiveness of a naturally occurring adsorbent to improve mitigation of multiple air emissions from swine buildings
Objectives: Biofiltration is a proven method to reduce odor and gas emissions from swine buildings and manure storage units. Biofilter media selection and moisture content fluctuations...
Environment - Air
Testing soybean peroxidase for swine manure treatment and mitigation of odorous VOCs, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and greenhouse gas emissions
The control of odor, odorous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ammonia (NH3), and greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions associated with commercial swine production is a critical...
Environment - Air
Feeding amino acids to reduce air emissions and the carbon footprint of swine production
Reduced crude protein (CP) diets with synthetic amino acid (AA) supplementation has proven to be an effect way to reduce ammonia (NH3) emissions from swine housing. However, there are very...
Environment - Air
Meta-Analysis of H2S, NH3, VOCs, PM10 and PM2.5 Emissions from Swine Production Facilities in North America
Industry Summary:Air emissions from livestock production facilities are receiving increased attention due to potential human health and environmental implications. The goal of this project...
Environment - Air
Protocol Development for Measurement of Trace Gases Associated with Manure Storage and Odor
As concerns surrounding livestock production shift from nuisance concerns to public health concerns, it is increasingly important to have a suitable means of quantifying odors and concentration of...
Environment - Air
Evaluating Nutrient (nitrogen and ortho-phosphate) Export with Subsurface Drainage Water from Spring Applied Swine Manure to Soybean Planted Sub-watersheds
The objective of this project is to evaluate the impact of spring applied swine manure for soybean crop on sub-surface drainage water quality from non-replicated sub-watersheds. To evaluate this...
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