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Environment - Air
Particulate Matter in Swine Barns: Existing Knowledge and Research Needs
Particulate matter (PM), also known as dust, is one of the most perceived air quality issues in swine barns. PM is considered an air hazard by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration...
Environment - Air
Evaluation of current products for use in deep-pit swine manure storage structures for mitigation of odors and reduction of NH3, H2S, and VOC emissions form stored swine manure
The United States is one of the top 3 countries in producing pork. It generates lots of profits and jobs, but this industry also generates lots of odor and gaseous emissions. This unwanted side...
Environment - Air
Evaluating gas and particulate matter emissions and downwind concentration impacts using the EPI Air Filter Wall system
Environment - Air
Correctly Classifying the Source of Fecal Waste in Surface Waters
Environment - Air
Employing environmental mitigation technology and/or practices: Treating swine odor and improving air quality with black light
Environment - Air
Evaluate the representativeness of the NAEMS air emission data for swine operations in a changing industry
Environment - Air
Changes in Ammonia Emissions from North Carolina Swine Lagoons Associated with Improved Production Management
Environment - Air
Cover crops, timing, and compaction: Evaluating practices to improve manure nitrogen management
Environment - Air
Vegetative Environmental Buffer Builder and Economic Review: A Decision Support Tool for the Pork Industry
This project created a user-friendly online decision support tool for livestock producers (and their advisors) to design and plan for the use of Vegetative Environmental Buffers (VEB) for odor...
Environment - Air
Effectiveness of vegetative environmental buffers to reduce swine facility emissions
In order to ensure compliance with the current and future air quality regulatory requirements, and to co-exist with increasing numbers of neighbors, practical and cost effective air mitigation...
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