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Animal Science
Modeling Conductive Heat Transfer Through and Around Grow-Finish Pigs
Animal Science
Development of New Barn Commissioning and Building Component Integrity Protocols for Swine Housing Systems
Animal Science
Mitigation of summertime boar infertility by evaporative and conductive cooling
Animal Science
Trans-generational effects of in utero heat stress on reproduction in the gilt and sow
Animal Science
Advancing Investigations in Swine Reproduction Efficiency at Iowa State
Animal Science
The impact of pad cooling on barn environment, finishing pig performance and producer profitability
Use of evaporative cooling pads are common on sow farms in the Southeastern U.S., yet their potential use on grow-finish facilities to alleviate seasonality in growth performance has yet to be characterized.
Animal Science
Effects of genetics and dietary fiber on production variables in response to repeated exposures to heat stress
Despite aggressive heat stress abatement strategies, the U.S. swine industry loses ~$900 million annually. Sources of reduced revenue include: slower growth rates, inefficient feed utilization,...
Animal Science - Swine Nutrition
Novel feed processing methods of cold pelleting and fine ground corn segregation to maximize feed efficiency, nutrient utilization and economic return
Swine producers continue to grind to extremely fine particle sizes, which inherently produces a significant portion of the diet that is fine powder. The fine particles (< 150 microns) create...
Animal Science
Effects of dietary protein patterning on weight loss and resistance training-induced changes in body composition, skeletal muscle, and indices of metabolic syndrome
The purpose of this study was to assess whether redistributing equivalent total daily protein intakes from one high protein-containing meal into multiple moderately-high protein-containing meals...
Animal Science
Practical evaluation of linoleic acid and antioxidant supplementation for lactating sows housed under high ambient temperatures
High producing sows are under catabolic (resulting in tissue loss) and oxidative stress during lactation and this will impair sow reproductive performance. Moreover, reduced feed intake during...
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