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Research is at the heart of the National Pork Board’s mission and is funded by your Pork Checkoff dollars. Research is administered in all areas of pork production, processing, and human nutrition to develop a higher quality and more profitable product in the competitive meat protein market.

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Animal Science - Breeding & Genetics
Genome wide identification and annotation of functional regulatory regions in livestock species
The objectives of this study were to identify previously unknown regions in the pig genome that act to regulate genes, and therefore play a role in the traits the pigs exhibit.
Animal Science - Breeding & Genetics
PRRS host genetics consortium (PHGC): a proposal to continue consortium work to study the role of host genetics and resistance to PRRSV
Despite extensive efforts to eliminate PRRS from US production facilities, it remains a key disease issue and poses a continued economic...
Animal Science - Breeding & Genetics
Genome-wide association meta-analysis of experimental populations to identify QTL for pork quality and validation in commercial populations
Scientists working to better understand the underlying genetic control of pork quality traits; typically take very detailed measurements on animals in experimental herds, often called populations....
Animal Science - Breeding & Genetics
Genome-Wide Association Study for Sow Feed Efficiency and Reproduction and Genomic Selection using Low Density Panels
With the rise in feed costs, increasing nutritional efficiency of production is, more than ever, one of the main drivers of profitability of pork production. Over the past decades, substantial effort...
Animal Science - Breeding & Genetics
Increased Accuracy of Selection for Nutrient Utilization in Duroc Pigs by Application of Genomic Tools
The pig industry continues to face many challenges with regard to costs of production. Feed costs continue to be the largest variable cost. One way of reducing feed costs is by increasing the...
Animal Science - Breeding & Genetics
The economic value of genomic selection to swine breeding herds
Many swine breeding organizations are in the early stages of the decision making or implementation process regarding incorporation of genome-enabled selection into a breeding program. However,...
Animal Science - Breeding & Genetics
Genome-wide association analyses of sow reproduction and lifetime productivity
Concurrent with increased prolificacy, high sow death losses and replacement rates are serious economic and welfare issues facing producers. Reproductive failure is the most frequent reason for...
Animal Science - Breeding & Genetics
Genetic improvement of farrowing rate and non-productive days in swine by selection for litters per sow per year
The first purpose of this study was to determine the genetic and phenotypic correlations between maternal and post-weaning traits from a seedstock swine breeding system. The post-weaning traits...
Animal Science - Breeding & Genetics
Large-Scale Association Analyses of Candidate Genes for Feed Efficiency Traits in Pig
This study was conducted with the objectives of identifying genes which impact feed efficiency in pigs, quantifying those effects, and informing producers of how to utilize this information in...
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