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Animal Science - Reproductive & Growth Physiology
Effects of betaine and heat stress on lactation and post-weaning reproductive performance on sows
  Heat stress has multiple negative impacts on animal metabolism and physiology and is thought to cost the swine industry more than $360 million per...
Animal Science - Reproductive & Growth Physiology
Investigating hyperinsulinemia and increased circulating lipopolysaccharide involvement in seasonal infertility
Heat stress (HS) is a major economic strain for the US swine industry. In terms of reproduction, seasonal infertility is associated with HS, characterized by lengthened wean-to-estrus interval...
Animal Science - Reproductive & Growth Physiology
Effect of GnRH-II on reproductive efficiency and productivity of first parity sows
Although never investigated, gonadotropin-releasing hormone II (GnRH-II) may be associated with the interaction between nutritional status and reproduction in swine. Therefore, we examined the role...
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