Farm Journal Reporter Jennifer Shike published this overview from the Pork Checkoff’s webinar on March 2. Guest speaker Mohan Sawhney, a professor at Northwestern University, shared growth and innovation ideas with pork producers that could be borrowed and applied to the pork industry.

Article Excerpt:

Today’s consumers, especially millennials, want to know where their food was raised and how. If we want to improve our market penetration, salience and ultimately, our relevance, we need to start asking ourselves hard questions.

Perhaps one of the biggest points I took home about how to grow pork consumption was a lesson Sawhney learned from Facebook and Google: Build a toothbrush.

“If you build a habit, something they will do day-in and day-out, you’ve got a great business. Google is a toothbrush. Facebook is a toothbrush,” he said. “We’ve got to make pork into a toothbrush – not something that’s exotic, that you do occasionally.”

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