A new porcine parvovirus (PPV), provisionally designated asPPV5, was identified in U.S. pigs. PPV5 is most closely related to PPV4 with overall genomic identities of 64.1-67.3%. The amino acid identities betweenPPV5and PPV4 were 84.6%-85.1% for ORF1 and 54.0%-54.3% for ORF2. Epidemiologic investigations of PPV4 andPPV5in U.S. pigs of different ages indicated a slightly higher prevalence forPPV5(6.6%; 32/483) compared to PPV4 (4.1%; 20/483), with detection of concurrent PPV4 andPPV5in 15.6% (7/45) of lungs of infected pigs. Virus isolation using established conditions similar to those for classical parvovirus were unsuccessful. Experimental inoculation of pigs revealed a low viremia length and magnitude for PPV4 followed by normal seroconversion. Infection of pigs with PPV5 positive material did not result in a detectable infection. 


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