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Animal Well-being
Depopulation methods in swine: what has been done and what are the knowledge gaps
Mass depopulation refers to the need of ending the life of large numbers of animals due to emergencies. This need could arise, for example, when we face disease epidemics (especially for pathogens...
Animal Well-being
Animal caretakers perspectives on performing euthanasia on commercial sow farms
Animal Well-being
Use of modified rendering trailers to achieve rapid depopulation of modern sow units

The objective of this project was to establish an effective and safe method to facilitate both the depopulation of sow units and the disposal of carcasses in the face of a foreign animal disease outbreak.

Animal Well-being
Capturing genetic potential for greater sow lifetime productivity
These findings indicate that poor survival to weaning, and lower gilt retention rates during development, are critical issues for low birth weight gilts and for gilts born to sows with a low ALBW_P....
Animal Well-being
Evaluation of Analgesia Efficacy in Piglets Undergoing Castration and Processing
Surgical castration is routinely performed on commercial pig farms in North America to prevent boar taint and aggression. This procedure is known to be painful for piglets, yet is typically done...
Animal Well-being
Foundational investigations of tissue dimensions and their relation to captive bolt application sites on cadaver heads from mature swine

Objective 1 of this study was to determine the soft, cranial, and total tissue depths, cross-sectional brain area, and bolt-brain contact for each captive bolt site. Objective 2 was to determine if relationships exist between the measurements outlined in Objective 1 and external head dimensions, including snout to poll distance, distance between the eyes, and maximum deflection distance between a straight line from snout to poll and surface of the front of the head.

Animal Well-being
Validation of a Mobile Electrocution System for Humane Mass Depopulation of Swine
Animal Well-being
Development and validation of a research protocol to assess the efficacy of interventions intended to mitigate pain associated with surgical castration in neonatal piglets

The objective of this study was to establish a research protocol to reliably evaluate efficacy of pain mitigation interventions in nursing male piglets during castration.

Animal Well-being
Identifying barriers and implementing solutions to practical on-farm pain management during castration
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