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Animal Welfare
Well-Being of Early Weaned Piglets During Transport: Assessment of Seasonal Effects on Performance
Impact of transport: Behavior during transport provides us with indicators of the immediate problems faced by piglets during transport and the coping strategies of the piglets. We can look at each...
Animal Welfare
Effect of weaning age and commingling after the nursery phase on humoral and behavioral indicators on humeral and behavioral indicatiors of well-being and on growth performance
Age at weaning impacts growth performance as well as behavioral and immunological responses to management stressors, such as weaning and commingling after the nursery phase. A study conducted at the...
Animal Welfare
Factors affecting the behavior of early-weaned piglets
Early weaned piglets often develop belly-nosing and sucking or chewing on the navels or ears of other pigs. This behavior is considered a problem because recipient pigs can develop lesions, and those...
Animal Welfare
Developing Criteria for Timely Euthanasia Decision Making
Animal Welfare
Perceptions among college students about food safety and animal care and ethics in food animal production. Implications for veterinary medicine and the swine industry
Animal Welfare
Comparison of Growth and Immune Status of SEW and Non-SEW Pigs
Animal Welfare
Quantification of Postural Behavior as the Thermal Comfort Indicator for Young Pigs
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