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Animal Welfare
Economic Analysis of Pig Space: Comparison of Production System Impacts
Increasing concerns regarding the health and well-being of meat animals raised in confinement facilities have resulted in consideration of increasing the space allotment for animals. This research...
Animal Welfare
Influence of Gestation Housing on Sow Welfare and Productivity
The data from this experiment suggests that the mixing of strange sows into groups can be done without adversely affecting fertility. The lack of overall effect on litter size and farrowing rate...
Animal Welfare
Evaluation of the effect of group size and structure on welfare of gestating sows in pens with electronic sow feeders
The present research was an attempt to see how the existing system of commercial group houses with ESF can be made more welfare friendly by modifying the group size and structure. The groups studied...
Animal Welfare
The Effect of Space Allowance and Season on the Welfare of Early Weaned Piglets Under Commercial and Expermental transport conditions
Early weaning is a stressful period as reflected by high serum cortisol levels. Transport can add to this stress. In winter, cold environmental temperatures result in cold truck temperatures, lower...
Animal Welfare
Effects of Space Allowance on Group-Housed Dry Sows
These data provide further support that sow performance and productivity between those kept in crates and groups is similar. Overall, differences found between sows kept in crates and those in...
Animal Welfare
Strategies to Optimize Sow Longevity
Early removal of sows from the herd due to mortality, health problems and low production is a major bottleneck in the swine industry that amounts to animal welfare and economic concerns due to...
Animal Welfare
Impact of early weaning and photoperiod manipulation on sow and piglet welfare
Animals adapt more readily to photoperiod cues than other environmental cues since photoperiod is more predictable and consistent over time. Previous work has shown limited (if any) affects of...
Animal Welfare
Enhancing Sow Welfare with High Fiber Diets and Frequent Feeding
In this experiment, we attempted to employ a diet and feeding regimen that could be easily implemented in commercial production units while improving welfare as measured by occurrence of stereotypic...
Animal Welfare
Acute and chronic effects of ammonia on inflammation, immunology, endocrine function, performance, and behavior of nursery pigs
Animal Welfare
Development of Computer Template(s) to Economically Assess Alternatives to Individual Housing of Gestating sows
The most widely used method of housing gestating sows in the United States is individual gestation stalls. However, the United States pork industry is undergoing pressure to eliminate the use of...
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