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Animal Welfare
Transport lairage effects on well-being of 18 kg pigs using a multi-disciplinary approach
Fifty pound pigs were transported across seasons, January, April, August, and October. Measures of behavior on the truck, during the lairage, and after the transport showed some effects of...
Animal Welfare
Effect of Seasonal Environment, On-Farm Handling Intensity, Transport Stocking Density, and Time in Lairage on Digestive Tract Temperature and Stress Hormone Level of Market Pigs
This research was conducted to evaluate the effect of three seasons of the year: fall, summer, and winter, how pigs were handled on-farm: aggressive yet conventional and very easy, two transport...
Animal Welfare
Effects of trailer design, season, and distance moved during loading on the welfare of market weight pigs at the packing plant
The results of this study suggest that transporting pigs in pot-belly trailers rather than in straight decks results in an increased incidence of pigs exhibiting indicators of stress on arrival at...
Animal Welfare
Characterization of Sow Longevity and the Developmental Factors that Influence It
Longevity as a female trait has several different definitions. Each definition has a somewhat different interpretation, depending on the intent. Some definitions are based more on production...
Animal Welfare
Effect of Feeding System Failures on Grow-Finish Performance and Welfare
Results of these 2 experiments document the impact of repeated out-of-feed events on grower-finisher pig performance. Repeated out-of-feed events that are 20 hours long results in a decrease in daily...
Animal Welfare
Influence of animal handling and transportation factors on the welfare of slaughter pigs during transport and incidences of deads and downers
This research evaluated three factors (namely feed withdrawal prior to transportation, mixing of pigs from different groups on the trailer, and floor space on the trailer) potentially associated with...
Animal Welfare
Effect of stocking density on the welfare and performance of grow-finish pigs
There was significant difference in ADG among pigs in various space allowance treatment groups, with lower ADG at SA0.64 compared to that at SA0.81 and SA0.88. Barring the initial period of growth...
Animal Welfare
Floor Space Requirements for Grow/Finish Pigs in Large Groups
The effects of group size and floor space allowance on productivity, health and welfare were tested on 1728 grow-finish pigs (barrows) of PIC genetics. Group sizes were 18 (small) and 108 (large)...
Animal Welfare
Pattern of injury and death rates in transported early-weaned pigs: a retrospective study
The mean rate of injuries calculated in this population was only 0.45 pigs dead or injured per 1000 pigs transported, with only .09% dead or euthanized. This increased slightly during quarters 3 and...
Animal Welfare
Comparison of Housing Systems for Gestating Sows
As expected, there are benefits and challenges to all the sow housing gestation systems studied. The aim of this study was to identify and understand these benefits and challenges of each gestation...
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